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Harry Potter Professor Snape Tonner Doll

Product Description

  • Crafted in the likeness of Alan Rickman
  • From the Harry Potter Collection
  • Dressed in an authentic reproduction of his costume
  • Crafted of high quality vinyl & hard plastic
  • Approximately 19″ tall and features 14 points of articulation


Helpful Customer Reviews

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  • Gift for the Ultimate Snape Fan…

 An unusual and quality gift for those on your list who are dyed-in-the-wool fans of JK Rowling’s seven-part saga and the Potion Master within those tales. Yes, Severus Snape does have his fans, and fortunately, for them, there is this Tonner Doll, which exceeds the quality and realism of other, small Snape action figures. NOTE: Tonner dolls are more like collectibles / keepers rather than “everyday” toys to be dumped whilly nilly in a bulging toy box. So, in our view, this doll would not be suitable for children under age 14–unless that particular child were the mature, care-taking type of child that respects his / her toys and doesn’t try to alter hair, faces, heads, clothing etc. [Of course if that happens, one could always send the doll to the Tonner doll hospital to be "repaired" for a fee. Info: http://www.tonnerdoll.com/dollcare.htm]

Professor Snape is the wonderful type of keeper doll– where one is encouraged to keep the box should the item ever need to be stored temporarily or if there is a need to travel. The doll does come with a nice display stand that is both sturdy and easy to use. The doll can be easily posed in several ways to make a more arresting statement. Posing the doll is a form of acceptable play, and the product allows for this type of gentle manipulation with no worries. [If you have several dolls of a collection, one can create a "scene."]

The hand painted face is a hauntingly amazing impression of actor Alan Rickman, right down to the trademark scowl, penetrating stare, eye circles, and classic aquiline nose. (Did they capture Rickman and use him a live model? LOL) The costume seems mostly spot on with the movie character’s, especially with the long line of buttons down the stiff-looking coat and the flowing, bat-like robe. The only thing that seems out of sorts is the slinky chiffon neck scarf, which is out and flowing on this doll, though the images and stills of film Snape do not seem to illustrate this feature…or if this feature is there…perhaps, it is tucked into the collar? The doll’s box does mention the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, so it is possible that perhaps this scarf was a part of Snape’s Yule Ball dress from that film…where his scenes were all to brief there to get a great look at his neckwear… (? ) Anyway, it is an interesting touch, and it does give him something of a gentlemanly (aristocratic) air. We just have to figure out how the Prof. is meant to wear it! :D

The doll was packaged very carefully and with great respect for the product–pads and ribbon ties. It was actually rather amusing when we opened the box and saw that the doll had a HAIR NET on to protect his hair and to keep his “style” in place. Snape in a hair net—now, where else are you going to see that?? The doll was packed with his wand, academic robe, shoes, and socks off, which was rather surprising. [The nicely formed feet and hands were in plastic protective covers.] We had trouble putting the little socks on with his shoes, so we just removed the socks and put the shoes back on–which the Professor probably hates! Sockless Severus! Yes, we are cheeky. Give us detention for failing to achieve the proper dress code. LOL Maybe, we’ll attempt that again another day.

Overall, this is an interesting product for those who are serious fans of the Harry Potter series and for those who wish to create a quality Harry Potter display–as in a bookstore, library reading room, classroom, home-museum, etc. Worth getting for the doll collector who loves movie themes or actors or characters. The price should be a clue, though, that this is not an ordinary toy or a product for the “casual” fan. There is a difference between quality dolls and plastic action figures… ;-)

Before buying any collectible / keeper doll, do some research first. Ask yourself why you want the doll, and what it will mean to you say a year from now–will it be on display or stuffed in a box? I read an article where Tonner himself had comment something to the effect that a doll in a box has no life…a doll with no life of course can’t give any joy to its owner. So, our Severus is out of his box and inhabiting a most beloved place in our home. (We did keep the box in case we ever had to move / travel.)

Our ratings explained:

We think the doll is fun because of the character it represents, the exciting ability to pose it–especially in relation to other dolls, the hair (and hair net), and discussions it inspires.

We gave four stars for educational value. One can actually study costuming in miniature by explore how this doll and his clothes are put together. It’s really a product of art (look, line, detail, impact) and science (function-posing). The Professor can be used as an interesting teaching tool in literature, design, film, and humanities classes [which is one of our intentions]. Beginning doll makers can also study this product for its quality and it unique features.

This doll is durable for what it is intended to do and for posing. It, however, wouldn’t last long in its pristine state as a daily toy in the hands of a rough, disrespectful child; it is NOT an action figure for rough and tumble play. :)

We loved it over all. It’s one of our favorite Amazon products, and for us, Potter / Rickman fans, it was worth buying as a conversation piece!

by A(-)

  • Wonderful, beautiful doll!

 Being a Snape fan, I was ecstatic when I heard Tonner would be making a Snape doll. When I received this doll, I found him just as beautiful as I imagined. I’m happy to add him to my collection. This is a must-have for any Snape fan.

by Cyntia(Cleveland)

  • An Excellent Tonner Harry Potter Entry

The previous reviewer summed it up pretty well. A really nice entry to the collection. Not too bad a likeness. It looks more like Mr. Rickman if you style the hair to tightly frame it’s face. Use the movie DVDs as a reference for this.

My only criticism is that I don’t particularly care for the material used for the outer cape. It’s kind of shiny and doesn’t drape particularly well. I guess Mr. Tonner was after a more billowy feel. I would have preferred a material closer to that used for his suit.

Very good though. I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

by Larry(-)

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Harry Potter Professor Snape Tonner Doll – The top rated items