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So, It Appears That There’s A Way To Eat Gluten WITHOUT Any Of The Nasty Side Effects.  And That Even Includes Those With Celiac!  Wow – If It’s True, Then Someone Sign Us Up Right Now!  But… Hang On A Second.  Because Surely Such A ‘Miraculous’ Discovery Would be All Over The News & Media…? [...]

The extraordinary flexibility and strength that is engineered into our lower backs also make us vulnerable to developing a number of problems. Our spines are lined with many nerves that also run throughout the rest of the body, and a problem in the lower back has potential to cause hip problems, leg pain and more. [...]

A Pen!  A Simple Pen…  That Doubles As A Weapon, And Can Be Taken On Aircraft And Through Any Kind Of Security You Care To Mention…  You’ll Excuse Us If We’re Not Leaping Around In Excitement…! So, there’s probably not a single person out there who’ll deny that our Navy Seals are the best elite [...]

Have you been trying to get six pack abs but everything seems not to be working out? Well, we understand the struggle that comes with developing toned abs. The internet currently has set standards. Everywhere you look, you find men with perfect six pack abs. You will notice that often we tend to make excuses [...]

I’m in Ketosis as I sit here writing this Ultimate Guide to the Ketogenic Diet. Getting my body into a state of Ketosis and writing this article are very similar in that they are both easy and natural processes that take some getting used to. You see, you have probably already experienced Ketosis at some [...]