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Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder (3103201)

Product Description

Protect your personal information with the Powershred W11C Cross-Cut Shredder from Fellowes. Part of the company’s line of deskside shredders, this machine is ideal in a home or home office and for individual users who regularly handle sensitive information. It cross-cuts up to 11 sheets of paper in one pass into unreadable pieces (5/32 inches by 1-3/8 inches) and is tough enough to shred staples, credit cards, and paper clips. Other highlights include a patented safety lock and a 5.5-gallon bin.

Basic Safety Feature

Protect yourself and your family while shredding. The W11C features a patented Safety Lock which disables the shredder to prevent accidental shredding.

Superior Performance

And there’s more – the Fellowes W11C is built to last with solid steel cutters, a powerful motor, and parts that are engineered to outperform our competitors. With its cross-cut capability, it is also tough enough to cut through credit cards, paper clips, and staples, while ensuring confidential documents are shredded into unreadable pieces. Additionally, the W11C features a simple 5.5-gallon bin with lift-off head for easy waste disposal.

What’s in the Box?

W11C shredder and user manual.

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  • Trial by fire – it passes with flying colors

 I bought the Fellowes w-11c yesterday on sale at a local store. I was trying to decide between it and another Fellowes “small business” class shredder that was on sale for $160, three times the price of the w-11c. I’ve replaced enough shredders that I figured it would probably save money in the long run to get a top-of-the-line shredder and pay out the $160 instead of replacing the shoddy ones as they break down.

I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $160 on a shredder, though. As much as logic and reason said it was the right thing to do, I couldn’t make myself do it. Instead, I bought the w-11c, in part based on the decent reviews I’ve seen on here. I don’t run a home business, I just have lots of junk mail, canceled checks, and other personal documents I’d rather not leave in the trash for thieves to steal. That junk mail and those papers have been accumulating for 6 months, going in a big “shred it when you get a new shredder box.”

Well, today was this thing’s trial by fire. I emptied the box into the shredder and I was RELENTLESS. Unopened credit card offers, old bank statements, several checkbook pads for an account I no longer have, and more. I pushed the thing to its limit. It definitely handles the advertised “11 sheet” capacity, though it does so with some protest and a very noticeable slowing of the shred speed. It gets through it, though, and it’s none the worse for wear. Today alone, I had to empty the bin 9 times… and its still running great! The construction is solid, safety features are great (the additional child safety lock on the top is really secure and impossible to override), and this thing can take whatever you throw at it, within reason.

All in all, I’m very happy I saved $110 and went with the w-11c instead of the business-class unit. If you shred perhaps 2 to 10 things per day, this is the ideal unit for you (especially if you don’t like having to open junk mail envelopes before shredding ‘em!)

by KJ(Indianapolis)

  • Nice shredder, pretty well for the price

 This is a pretty good shredder. It can shred paper very well into tiny slices. However, emptying the bin can be a bit of a pain. Lifting the shredder is easy, because there is a handle, but it is also pretty hard, because it’s pretty heavy. To shred adhesives (even though it says it can’t), put the adhesive on a blank sheet of paper or make one side of the adhesive stick to the other side. Overall, this is a decent shredder and I would certainly recommend it.

by choi(-)

  • does paper well

 we used this lightly for about a year. THen i tried to cut cardboard. . . it stopped. And then it started after a cool off! Don’t cut cardboard with this and You’ll love it.
It does handle CD’s and credit cards, as well as cardstock. But don’t put corrugated cardboard in it.

the ’11 sheet’ is a stretch, but it’s reliable, fast, and clean. It will handle junk mail without you opening the envelop. Cross cut is more space efficient and more secure than strip cutting. It packs down well, and when we use it like straw in the yard or garden, it stays down.

The bin is under the shredder, and to empty it you have to lift the shredder. It’s a bit heavy. This is generally cleaner than a removable bin below, but paper shreds do fly around a bit. On the other hand, the shredder always fits right back into the top of the bin, so you won’t have to worry with bin placement issues. The shredder must be properly mounted to function.

It is quieter than the last one we owned. This doesn’t make it quiet -I don’t think there’s a ‘quiet’ paper shredder in the world. It may not be as good as the $200 shredders, but it’s great for the money.

Highly recommended for the price.

by E.J(D.C. area)

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Fellowes Powershred W-11C 11 Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder – The top rated items