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#1 in Gift Cards Gift Card

  • No expiration, no fees. Redeemable towards millions of items storewide at or
  • FREE One-Day Shipping.
  • Gift card is affixed to a gift-ready greeting card featuring a variety of designs for any occasion, with an additional blank envelope for gifting.

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  • LOVE the GIFT CARD, but WHAT do you GET in the MAIL? NO, your personal MESSAGE will NOT be printed on the INSIDE of the CARD.

This is the PERFECT gift … so many things to choose from on Amazon and very easy to redeem (just type in the card number at checkout or add the gift card number to your Amazon account). And, most importantly, if you have a PROBLEM with your gift card purchase, you need to contact Amazon as they are generally really good about fixing problems. (Sometimes you have to speak to two or three people before it gets fixed, but it generally gets fixed). But, Amazon cannot fix a problem if you don’t contact them (via phone, e-mail or live chat … NOT by leaving a product review) and give them a chance to fix it. If you want/need something specific, then ask for that.

I have purchased the MAIL, E-MAIL and PRINT versions of the Amazon gift card. All were very easy to purchase (and use … when I or my kids were the recipient). I purchased the E-MAIL version when I wanted the gift recipient to have it THAT day to use OR if the gift recipient was traveling. I ALWAYS sent an e-mail, text or some other way let the person know that I sent it and to check their e-mail. I purchased the MAIL version when that gift recipient preferred to get “something” in the mail to open and hold. Again, I always tracked the package and then confirmed that they received it. I purchased the PRINT version when I needed something NOW, but also needed something tangible to give the gift recipient. I have purchased well over 30 gift cards and have never had a problem (luckily!).

That being said … after reading some of the reviews, I just want to clarify EXACTLY what you can expect to receive/get with your MAIL GIFT CARD order. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT combine/order GIFT CARDS to be mailed with other items from Amazon if you want the FREE 1-DAY shipping on your GIFT CARD(s). Order GIFT CARDS separately from other items you are ordering from Amazon (i.e., place more than one/separate orders on Amazon). If you do not, you will not receive FREE one-day shipping on your GIFT CARD(s).

1. I read the reviews that said that all of the GREETING CARDS (that contained the MAILED gift card) were sealed and that the person was not able to see which gift card went to which person (if they ordered different cards and/or different dollar amounts). Because of this, I placed 5 different orders for 5 different gift cards ALL sent to myself. That was unnecessary. Because while the OUTER envelope (which is really the Amazon’s packaging for the greeting card/gift card combo) is sealed … the GREETING CARD, which the gift card is attached to, and the ENVELOPE that it goes in are separate INSIDE the sealed ENVELOPE packaging (which is meant to be opened PRIOR to giving as a gift). So, when you open that sealed envelope you will see the card, as well as the gift card amount. At that point, you can also write a personal message on the GREETING CARD prior to giving.

2. The actual $ MAILED GIFT CARD for the Christmas designs are just the generic brown “a” with the curved underline (i.e., the logo). The ONLY thing that has the CHRISTMAS or holiday designs are the GREETING CARDS themselves. (LOOK closely at the pictures that Amazon shows and you will see this.) So, the GIFT CARDS do not have Christmas or holiday designs on them.

3. The PERSONAL MESSAGE that you type for the MAILED GIFT CARD appears ONLY on the PACKING SLIP/receipt thrown in the box or bubble envelope that Amazon ships the SEALED ENVELOPE in. (That is, the little piece of paper that shows the GIFT FROM, shipping address and what was purchased.) Your message will NOT appear on the GREETING CARD, which is SEALED inside the ENVELOPE packaging. The person would have to look on the PACKING SLIP to see the personal message. NOTE: I order ALOT on Amazon and I have on occasion received items that *I* ordered for myself with no packing slip, which is not an issue because *I* ordered it. But, if I had received/or sent it as a gift, that could be an issue. The FIVE separate GIFT CARD orders that I placed and received all contained that small fax-paper like packing slip. BUT, it COULD happen that an order MIGHT not contain the packing slip since I have received orders without any packing slip. It’s too bad that Amazon doesn’t at least offer the option to have the message typed directly on the actual greeting card (like ToysRUs) when it’s going to someone as a gift (and maybe say it would take longer than the standard 1-day shipping). Just a suggestion!

4. As I said, I ordered SEVERAL MAIL gift cards … some arrived in a “book” or “cd/dvd” box and some arrived in a bubble envelope. Go figure! I guess it just depended on who packed it. ALL arrived via UPS the next day (where the next day was a business day). Two of the cards that were shipped in a bubble envelope did arrive slightly bent … nothing major. Probably the best way for them to ship them is in the book/dvd/cd box since none of those arrived bent. (Note: If you live at an address or are sending to an address that UPS does not deliver to OR are only able to receive items at a PO BOX because you live in a rural area, you might want to check with Amazon PRIOR to ordering a physical gift card.) Also, some times UPS/FedEx require a SIGNATURE for delivery. None of the gift cards I received were shipped with a signature required, but depending on the UPS/FedEx driver and the area, a signature MIGHT be required despite Amazon shipping it with a no signature required. If this is an issue for you, I would check with Amazon and the shipper to find out the policy on this. There are generally printable signature waiver forms available on the carriers’ websites that you can print, sign, and leave at your door for the driver so that they will leave your package without a signature.

5. ALL of the information (#1-#3) that I included in my review, Amazon now includes in the ITEM DESCRIPTION. I’m not sure if Amazon changed their ways, added this information AFTER people were upset and complained, or it was there and people failed to read it. In any case, hopefully, my review helps to further clarify. It’s always nice to know what your money is buying.

I have also ordered 2 PRINTABLE gift certificate/cards. It was really easy … picked the design, amount, quantity and entered my personal message. After checking out/paying, I received an e-mail from in a few minutes with a link for me to PRINT the card. After printing, fold the paper twice and voile an INSTANT CARD w/GIFT CERTIFICATE! Super quick, easy and a really cute looking card (similar to those 4-picture square, homemade greeting cards).

E-MAIL gift cards are really easy also. Pick your design, dollar amount and enter the recipient’s e-mail address, pay and you’re done.

by mom2(-)

  • Fast shipping time!

by JDC(-)

  • Arrived within 24 hours of ordering
I ordered these cards in preparation for the upcoming Holiday season. Placing the order was a breeze. I had ordered the generic gift card. My order was shipped by UPS next day air and it arrived as promised. Each envelope had the gift card attached to generic greeting card and another envelope to mail the greeting card. I did redeem some of the cards and the balance was immediately credited to my amazon account. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and will likely buy this again.

by mcbc(-)

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